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Scientific Program
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November 18 (Fri)

November 19 (Sat)

November 18 (Fri)
Opening Ceremony
09:30~10:00 Room 1 (SRA Asia 2022 Online Platform)
Chair: Dongchun Shin, Yonsei University
Opening Remarks
Dongchun Shin, Yonsei University
Congratulatory Remarks
Shoji Tsuchida, Kansai University
Kuen Yu Wu, National Taiwan University
Keynote Session 1-3
Chair: Shoji Tsuchida, Kansai University
10:00 ~11:00 The More Who Die, the Less We Care: Confronting the Deadly Arithmetic of Compassion and the World’s Urgent Problems
Paul Slovic, University of Oregon
11:00 ~11:30 The Japanese Response to COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Vaccination
Shoji Tsuchida, Kansai University
11:30 ~12:00 Chinese Responses to COVID-19 Pandemic from the Perspective of Urban Planning
Guofang Zhai, Nanjing University
12:00 ~12:30 Discussion
Lunch Break
Session 1(S01) Microplastic Issues & Food Safety
13:30~14:10 Room 1 (SRA Asia 2022 Online Platform)
Chair: Tsun Jen Cheng, National Taiwan University
13:30 ~13:50 A Selective Microbiota-Mediated Metabolic Perturbations in the Gut and Brian of Mice after Microplastic Exposure
Sheng-Han Lee, Institute of Environmental an Occupational Health Sciences, National Taiwan University
13:50 ~14:10 Psychological Determinants of the Consumption of Raw Chicken in Japan: Applying an Extended Theory of Planned Behavior
Yayoi Kito, Kyoto University
Session 2 (S02) Ecological Risk & Chemical Risk
13:30~14:50 Room 2 (SRA Asia 2022 Online Platform)
Chair: Yasunobu Maeda, Shizuoka University
13:30 ~13:50 Industrial Equipment Risk Management Solution Using Geofence Technology
Myeongnam Park, SPESYS
13:50 ~14:10 The Risk Implication of Farmers’ Irrigation Habits on Sustainable Groundwater Management – A Case Study from Taiwan
Shih Yao Lee, National Taiwan University
14:10 ~14:30 Application of Health Risk Management System through Establishment and Operation of Lifelog Bigdata Platform
Hoon Jo, Yonsei University
14:30 ~14:50 Exposure of Nitrosamines of Chinese Residents via Water, Food and Tobacco
Chao Chen, Tsinghua University
Session 3 (S03) Natural Disasters & Radiation Risk
15:00~16:20  Room 1 (SRA Asia 2022 Online Platform)
Chair: Jun Sekizawa, NPO Communication Center for Food and Health Sciences
15:00 ~15:20 Science and Decision of Ocean Disposal of the “Tritiated Water” from Fukushima Nuclear Power plant
Jun Sekizawa, NPO Communication Center for Food and Health Sciences
15:20 ~15:40 Radiation Dose Evaluation based on Time Use Survey Considering lifestyles of Mountain Village Inhabitants in Fukushima Prefecture
Yoko Shimada, Kyoto University
15:40 ~16:00 Urban-Rural Disparity in Community Resilience: a Multilevel Analysis of the Relief Progress after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake
Jinglu Song, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
16:00 ~16:20 Gaming Simulation for Learning Flood Disaster Local Knowledge
Yusuke Toyoda, Ritsumeikan University
Session 4 (S04) Microbial Risk and COVID 19
15:00~16:00 Room 2 (SRA Asia 2022 Online Platform)
Chair: Dongchun Shin, Yonsei University 
15:00 ~15:20 Research on the Utilization of Urban Community commercial and Emergency Supply Support from the Perspective of Resilience
Jingan Xia, Nanjing University
15:20 ~15:40 The Simple Calculation Method to know the Individual Infection Probability of COVID-19
Aiichiro Fujinaga, Osaka Sangyo University
15:40 ~16:00 Media Representation of ‘Numbers’ in the Pandemic: Japanese Case and Its Implications for Risk Governance
Masamichi Kobayashi, Kansai University
16:20~16:50 Room 1 (SRA Asia 2022 Online Platform)